Warranty Terms

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Warranty Terms

Warranty period for TVs is 12 months from the date of purchase but shall be limited to 24 months from the date of manufacture marked on the package.  

Warranty period TV brackets is 36 months from the date of purchase but shall be limited to 48 months from the date of manufacture marked on the package.  

Warranty period for pressure cookers is 24 months from the date of purchase but shall be limited to 36 months from the date of manufacture marked on the package.  

To avoid any misunderstandings, keep the documents received at purchase of the product (proof of purchase, User’s manual, warranty card) during the entire service life. Service life of SATELIT products is 5 years subject to observance of the operating instructions. You are advised to contact an Authorized service centre upon expiry of the product’s service life to get preventive maintenance and receive recommendations on further use of the product. The warranty shall not apply to products which defects were caused by:  

1. Violation by the consumer of the rules of operation, storage or transportation of the goods, mechanical damage that occurred after the handover of the goods to the consumer, lack of a factory nameplate (a sticker indicating the serial number, model and date of manufacture) passport identifier.  

2. Third-party actions: 

  • repair or structural or circuitry modifications that were not authorized by the manufacturer by any unauthorized persons. 
  • departures from the technical state standards of Ukraine (DSTU) or relevant technical regulations related to operation of electrical, telecommunication and cable networks or other similar third-party effects; 
  • improper installation and connection of the product. 

3. Force-majeure circumstances (state of martial law, acts of nature, fire, lightning, etc.).  

4. Use of non-standard and (or) low-quality consumables, accessories, spare parts, batteries, data storage media of different types.  

5. Effects of malware, third-party APK applications (e.g. computer viruses, low-quality content).  

6. Incorrect reflashing/restoration/recovery of software, which caused failure of the product both by the user and unauthorized persons. Firmware services are provided by service centre technicians only. Firmware can only be changed in a service centre by its official personnel.  

7. Use of the product for business purposes, for purposes other than its intended use and beyond the limits of personal household use.  

8. Ingress of foreign objects, materials, liquids, insects, dust into the product or violation of the operating instructions.  

9. Repair of the product at any organizations other than Authorized service centres. The current list of service centres is available at: https://satelit.ua/ru/warranty/service_branches  

Scale deposits regardless of the quality of water used (removal of scale is not included in the scope of warranty service and shall be regularly done by the user himself in accordance with the User’s manual). Elimination of the above problem (visit of the repair personnel, spare parts and repair works related to their replacement/installation) shall be at the user’s account.

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Supplement to the User’s manual

Always ask the product to be checked in your presence when making the purchase. You are strongly advised to carefully study the main User’s manual, terms of warranty and free servicing and make sure that the warranty card is properly filled. At that check that serial number and model name of the product you purchased are identical to entries in the warranty card. 

Не допускається внесення в талон будь-яких змін чи виправлень. У випадку неправильного чи неповного заповнення гарантійного талону негайно зверніться до продавця. Гарантійний талон слід пред’являти при кожному зверненні до сервісного центру протягом всього гарантійного терміну.  

This product is a technically sophisticated household appliance. Due care and attention will ensure long years of reliable operation. Protect the product from mechanical damages, entry of foreign objects or insects, ingress of dust, etc. during the use. 

Your product shall be subject to free servicing during the warranty period only if used correctly and carefully within the limits of personal household needs and in accordance with the requirements set out in the manufacturer’s manual, operated at appropriate mains voltage, and if it is free from mechanical damages. Make sure that the nameplate label indicating model name and serial number of the product is kept undamaged during the entire service life.

Damage to the nameplate label terminates the manufacturer’s warranty and deprives of the right to free servicing. If the purchased product requires special installation or connection, you can contact an authorized organization providing relevant paid services. At that ask to present appropriate permits (licenses, certificates, etc.). A physical person who installs and connects your product is responsible for its correct functioning. 

It must be remembered that competent installation is essential for ensuring further reliable operation of the product, its warranty and free servicing. Make sure that the person who installed the product has entered all the necessary information to the warranty card. 

If during the use of the product you suppose that its performance parameters differ from those specified in the User’s manual, it is recommended to consult organisation that sold you the product or any Authorized service centre. You can check addresses and telephone numbers of the Authorized service centres by dialling our toll-free number.